Choosing The Right Outdoor Blinds

Outdoor blinds are the perfect treatment for your outdoor spaces, windows, and doors if looking for added security, privacy and to prevent heat gain in the house. With the market already flooded with outdoor blinds in various shapes, sizes, and designs, choosing just the right blinds for your specific need/liking can be quite challenging.

You, however, don’t have to struggle to find the right blinds. All you need is to think about your priorities and exactly why you need the blinds installed. Clear or tinted blinds, for example, are the perfect choice if looking for added security outdoors without blocking your view of the backyard.

Patio blinds, on the other hand, are considered the best option for added security and protection from nosey passers-by and the harsh sun as well. Opaque are the perfect option for those who love their privacy and want complete protection from the sun. Outlined below are a few tips and guides on choosing the right outdoor blinds for various applications.


Reasons to Invest in Outdoor Blinds

The scorching hot sun in Australia can be quite unbearable. Outdoor blinds help protect you from the harsh sun, allowing you to enjoy your summer in peace. These blinds also come in handy during chilly winters and provide privacy from nosy neighbours too.

Whether looking for additional shade during hot summer days, or wish to transform your patio into a liveable space in winter, and even block preying eyes from your neighbours or passers-by, outdoor blinds have you covered. They make it possible to enjoy the company of your family and friends outdoors without worrying about meddlesome neighbours, the harsh sun, or the cold winter weather.

How to Choose the Right Style of Blinds for Your Home?
The weather in Australia is just perfect for those that love outdoor living spaces. This is one reason most Australians have terraces, patios, and outdoor extensions for their homes, all aimed at making outdoor life possible and more comfortable. Strong rains, turbulent winds, the scorching sun, and other external elements can disrupt your otherwise incredible outdoor living experience. However, having just the right outdoor blinds installed keeps you protected from most of these elements, a reason you too should consider investing in one.

All outdoor blinds aren’t built the same. Some are designed for privacy, others for shade and protection from weather elements. Outlined below are some of the most common types of outdoor blinds designed for the Australian market and the advantages of each.

1. PVC Blinds

PVC blinds provide an inexpensive option for your patio and outdoor living space, especially if looking for protection against bad weather and the harsh sun. These blinds are light in weight, hence can be installed on the exterior walls. No unique mechanisms, pullies, or strings are needed to hold the blinds in place. This thus means a clear and unobstructed view of your backyard or garden. You can even request PVC blinds equipped with SPF protection for added protection.

2. Motorized Shade Blinds

Motorized shade blinds are specially designed to allow natural sunlight while blocking the harmful UV rays. As the name suggests, the blinds are motorised, hence can be adjusted to allow just enough sunlight to pass through. This type of blinds is recommended as a window treatment for your pergola, patio, and gazebo. The blinds can be operated at the touch of the button.

3. Gear Tensioned Outdoor Blinds

Are you looking for a flexible window treatment for your patio or windows? The gear tensioned outdoor blinds come with retractable awnings that can be fully extracted or extended depending on the weather outside. The awnings are installed on the wall and can be used as a temporary roof for outdoor spaces, e.g., patio, pergolas, etc., to be used when the need arises. Thus, you can fully extend the blinds when the sun is up or retract them if looking to enjoy the full benefits of the beautiful weather.