Best Design Trend Videos

This video runs through the top design trends for 2017. I actually like to review these types of trends later in the year as it allows you to bag some amazing bargains in shops towards the end of the year when everything goes on sale.


With summer on it’s way, let’s take a look at the latest outdoor living design trends. Everything you need to design the perfect outdoor space in your backyard.


Now if you are more of a practical person, here’s a video that shows you the best ways to add value to your home, it’s great because any improvements you make will be capitalised on once you sell your home:



How to Feng Shui Your Home

The Chinese discipline of Feng Shui is used by many homeowners in order to improve the home’s atmosphere and the energy or chi of everyone’s lives. Feng Shui employs the de-cluttering of spaces as a means to attracting positive chi.

The roadmap for Feng Shui is called bagua. This is shaped like an octagon and it is used to map your home and divided up into nine different zones. Each relates to different aspects of life such as health, relationships, and money.

In order to apply bagua, you take the diagram and stand at your front door facing your house. You’ll notice that the gray, black and blue guas are nearest you. The bottom line will lay across the front where your front door is situated in reality. A home that has an irregular shape can be difficult to work with using a bagua but it is not impossible. Here is an explanation of each zone of Feng Shui.

Fame and Reputation – Red – at the 12 o’clock position at back center of home

This section represents the need for courage and respect when dealing with various people. If you enhance this section of the home it helps you improve how others look at you. Any items that don’t speak to who you really are should be taken away. Items that make you feel proud like diplomas or awards should remain. It is a good idea to use the color red and add light in this area. Adding a candle can spark admiration.

Relationships and Love – Pink – at the 1 o’clock position to the right of the home

This area applies to all kinds of relationships from loving marriages to acquaintances. It is important to have this area filled properly in order for positive attention to be received and for all relationships to move forward in a positive direction.

In this area you want to pair things together. You might want to pair nightstands alongside a bed in a couple’s bedroom. This promotes equality and it helps keep the room as well as the relationship in proper balance. You might add candlesticks again balanced alongside a table to impress a sense of balance in all relationships.

Put items with sentimental meanings in this area in order to show off an already healthy relationship. Always remove any items or images that suggest hostility or separation from this area.

Creativity and Children – White – to the middle right of the home at 3 o’clock

Children are fortunate to have no limits to their thinking. Their minds are open because to them impossibilities just don’t exist. When you feel your creativity is drained or your children are giving you problems you want to look at this area of the house and make some changes.

This area is a great place where you will be able to freely show off candid shots of your children doing what they do best. Ideally use metal frames because it is the best element for this gua.

Keep our work and inspirational objects in abundance here. Be sure to keep creative elements that appeal to you everywhere in this area. Keep crayons, paper, paint brushes, and watercolor paints in this area so that you can play with them every day to keep the chi flowing in this area.

Helpful People and Travel – Grey or Silver – at 5 o’clock from the front right of the house

To add balance to this area it helps add angelic images or figurines. This will help remind you that there are helpful people in your life that will always overshadow those that are not around for the moment.